Our Story

“Step into the flavorful world of AMPM, where our journey began in 2010 with a single outlet in Hyderabad. What started as a humble venture soon transformed into a citywide sensation, all thanks to our innovative twist on the classic Maggi. Our Conceptional Maggi concept captured the hearts of food enthusiasts and the wider community alike.

Fueled by the love of our cherished customers and the glowing recommendations from food bloggers, our story spread organically, becoming a tale of culinary delight. Today, we proudly stand with 5+ branches scattered across Hyderabad, a testament to our dedication and the unwavering support of our patrons.

At AMPM, we believe in making indulgence affordable. Our commitment to this vision is reflected in our prices – our regular Maggi is priced at a pocket-friendly Rs. 50, while our Premium Maggi is available at just Rs. 100. We’ve meticulously upheld our commitment to top-notch quality, generous portions, and reasonable prices, ensuring that every bite is a testament to our passion for excellence.

Join us in this culinary odyssey, where affordability meets exquisite taste and each steaming bowl of Maggi tells a story of dedication, quality, and affordability. Your journey to a delightful Maggi experience begins here, at AMPM!”